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A few years ago I decided to start

investing in buy to let residential

property. I had no experience in this

area of business when I started and

I was keen to find the right advisers.

Having researched the local agents I

decided to work with Brien Firmin as

they were a long established highly

professional local business who could

assist with the purchase of the property

and the subsequent lettings.

Initially I bought a one bedroom flat and

over the following years have built a

small portfolio of six properties.

Throughout this process I have relied

on the advice of Mike Firmin when

selecting properties to buy. Once

the properties have been acquired I

avoided the stress of finding tenants

and managing the properties by using

Brien Firmin lettings department who

carefully select tenants to ensure that

they not only pay the rent but look after

the properties whilst they live there.

I can honestly say I could not have

achieved any of this without the

excellent friendly professional service

offered by Mike and his team and would

recommend themwithout hesitation.


Thank you, Mike and Karen

With a few years’ experience now as a

landlord in the rental market, I can say

with absolute confidence that Brien

Firmin are second to none in their

approach to property lettings and

management. Mike Firmin is incredibly

knowledgeable, calm and reassuring

and I have felt in very safe hands as he

steered me through a recent tenancy

change. Karen Talbot has also worked

tirelessly on my behalf and has been





process. I can’t speak highly enough

of this agency. And to prospective

landlords - if you’re going to rent a

property in North London – go to Brien



Dear Brian,

Both Lydia and I are very grateful to you

for the way in which the property was

marketed and the care and attention

you gave to it once you had found a

suitable buyer. You may rest assured we

would not hesitate in recommending

you in the future.

Yours sincerely,


Living in Australia meant that I needed

an agent that I could trust explicitly

to manage my property . Being a long

distance landlord is always difficult,

but the personal care, patience and

attention which I received from Brien

Firmin through 5 difficult years of UK

recession significantly reduced stress

levels and made it possible to hold on

to the property despite living on the

other side of the world. And I was never

without a tenant - and they have all

been good.






reputation (you only have to ask around

the local area to discover this) and I do

not believe you will find another estate

agent in London that comes even

close in terms of fairness, honesty and

professionalism. I recently purchased

a property through Brien Firmin and

experienced the same very high

standards of care.

Landlords and tenants rarely leave this

agent - which I think says it all really .


Dear Mike and Brian,

While I amof course very happy that my

sale completed today, that happiness is

tinged with sadness that our 18-year

relationship has now come to an end.

I would like to thank you both for the

excellent service you have provided

throughout this time.

Firstly, Mike - I would like to thank

you and your lettings team (past and

present), and in particular Karen, for

the letting service. It was very difficult

for me at the beginning, having to let

strangers live in my ‘home’. Added to

that was the worry of whether or not I

had chosen a ‘good’ letting agent, as

stories of ‘rogue’ letting agents abound.

It is said that there is no such thing as a

‘perfect’ letting agent, but if that is true,

then Brien Firmin comes very close to

that perfection. I was always confident

that my flat was in safe hands. I am very

grateful for the way you managed my

letting and I am aware that the property

was better maintained under your

management than it would have been

had I lived in the flat myself. Thank you

and all of your team very much.

Now, Brian-Not onlydidyoufindabuyer

quickly, but you found one who was

willing to hold on through all the trials

and tribulations that the conveyance

entailed. I am aware that you did your

utmost to try to speed up the sale and

to keep the buyers ‘on board’ when the

successive problems surfaced.

No-one could have envisaged that this

‘no chain’ sale would take 7 months

to complete, and many buyers would

have walked away well before the end.

I must thank you wholeheartedly for

your sterling efforts in keeping this sale

going. Thank you also for having looked

after the flat in the 7 months it was

empty while waiting for a completion of

the sale.

So thank you both, and your teams,

for everything you have done for me

over the past 18 years. I am truly very


I wish Brien Firmin every success in the


Yours sincerely,